It Was All Lemon Drop

from by Kerm Jenkins

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Another collaboration with Elyssa Bailey for Creation Station


The town of Werther is no place for stars:
Sugar Daddys peddle their Pixie Sticks while the Jaw Breakers make Taffy out of the Mr Goodbars of the world.
The street corners are lined with Peeps Popping Rocks and selling Blow. -
Pop expects Smarties in his family but sees Newt as a Milk Dud, Skittles for brains.
Newt is no Nerd, but no Sour Patch Kid either.

More sweet than sour, less sour than sweet.

Lindsey Lemon’s Gum Drops to the floor as she Snickers, remembering his clumsiness and Butterfingers,
But then she thinks of that moment –
their sweet Hershey Kiss; the feeling of Waxy Lips touching and the Fireball glowing in his eyes.
She melts.

More sweet than sour, less sour than sweet.

Lindsay Lemon Drops off into her daydream.
She stares at the Sky, Barred by the towering buildings covered in green and Red Vines.
Newt On the other hand, thinks about Red Hot nights and dreams of 100 Grand in his pocket.
Newt wants to be a Star, Bursting into the limelight.

Sweet or sour, sour or sweet.

In the Good Bar in downtown Werther, Newt performs his Originals. He hopes to one day make that big Payday but gets only Circus Peanuts.
Lindsey Lemon Drops Baby Ruth off at the Gummy Bear Daycare
She drives away and turns up the Rock Candy on the radio
She thinks about Newt and the conversation beTwixt their hearts.

Sweet and sour, sour and sweet.
Sweet and sour, sour and sweet.


from Songs From Creation Station, track released June 25, 2017
Lyrics by Elyssa Bailey
Music Written, Performed and Recorded by Kerm Jenkins


tags: rock Chicago


all rights reserved


Kerm Jenkins Chicago, Illinois

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